Chapter 8 Face Full Of Anger

Tears streamed down her cheeks, but she did not stop working. She just put the dead fish aside and continued to catch other fish.

She cried non-stop until someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her up.

She saw his face through the tears in her eyes. Everly began to struggle away after catching a glance of who it was.

"Let me go!" Her voice was low and hoarse, on the verge of cracking. The blood on her hand dripping onto the back of his hand had angered him further.

She would rather work in a place like this than admit her mistakes?

She would rather fake her death to get out of prison and rely on some other men than to yield to him!

"What are you thinking?" He scolded her. His grip on her wrist was so hard that it was almost crushing her bones. When he found that she was still staring at the fish, the rage in him burned brighter. "Everly, do you really love money so much?"

Everly was stunned. She then looked at him, tears streaming down from her eyes. She looked miserable.

"Yes, I do love money." She opened her mouth after a while and said, "I love money very much. I find that there is nothing better than money in the world."

She thought to herself, ‘Unlike you, I tried my best to love you. But in the end, I lost everything.’

She looked as miserable as he had expected, but his anger suddenly dissipated, and all there was left in him were sadness. He felt that he was actually going crazy. A murderer like her was supposed to be punished!

He thought she would realize what she did wrong and beg him for forgiveness after she had suffered!

However, she was still stubborn!


She thought he would be softhearted if she stood in front of him pitifully like this?

She could only wish!

He would only hate her more!

He held her hand and was about to leave, but she refused. He took a look at the butler who was waiting aside, and the butler then came to pry open her hands.

All she could see was his angry face.

The same face that appeared in her nightmares in the past four years was the same face that she had looked at with heart-shaped eyes the six years before that.

Her stomach began to start cramping again, and the smell of blood continued to surge up her throat.

She did not want to see this face anymore. She did not want to have anything to do with him!

His hand was like a pair of pincers that she could not get rid of. Finally, Everly decided to lower her head and bit into the back of his hand. She bit him so hard that she could almost taste his blood.

"Miss Pettis! Let go!" The butler's voice sounded, but she ignored him.

"Sir, let go of her first. You are bleeding..." The butler's voice was full of concern, but Carson did not listen as well. His eyes were full of bloodlust and anger. He dragged her to the side of the car and the butler quickly opened the door.

"You can't take me away. I still have work to do. I haven't gotten today's salary!" She said quickly.

What came at her was a large sum of money that Carson threw on her and his anger-filled face.

The wind at the dock was so strong that the cash was blown away in mere seconds.

She was stunned for a moment and then squatted down to pick the remaining cash up. Before her hands could reach the money on the ground, Carson pulled her up and threw her onto the back seat of the car.

She was unable to suppress the sickly sweetness in her throat after the violent collision with the seat. She coughed onto the seat of the car, which stained the leather red.

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