Chapter 14 Just Kill Me Already

“Miss…” The butler tried to stop her but to no avail. Two bodyguards, too, tried to do the same and were faced with her reprimands. “Step aside!”

“Miss Pettis, please don’t make it difficult for us,” pleaded one of the bodyguards.

“I said, step aside!” She ordered with a higher pitch. Her tone was laced with madness.

The bodyguards had their eyes fixed on someone behind her. They stayed in her way without saying a word.

She knew who they were looking at. Carson had always been a control freak. He controlled anything and everything, including her.

However, why did he have to do this to her if he did not love her?

He knew very well that his actions could result in a misunderstanding, making her think that he cared for her.

Everly’s heart ached. She felt acid reflux in her stomach and her throat burned. With her eyes closed, she got rid of distractions and recollected herself. When she finally reopened her eyes, it was filled with determination. Without batting an eye on Carson, she forced her way through.

She knew she could not stay there!

Not a single moment more!

To nobody’s surprise, the bodyguards held her in place. However, as determined as Everly was, she did all she could to get out of there and bit the bodyguard’s arm.


“Hey, Miss Pettis. You shouldn’t bite!”

That was the bodyguard’s cry and the butler’s nervous advice. The crowd gathered and tried to pull them apart, and the whole situation became a mess.

Everly took her chances to escape from the chaos, and she did. She ran to the exit when the bodyguards and butler were not paying attention.

Just as she thought her plan worked, she was pulled away and bumped hard into something. She felt dizzy and only then did she realize she bumped into someone’s chest.

Bump! She felt her nose numb a little.

Tears filled her eyes as she lifted her head. Although her visions were blurry, she could see his cold expression. Those icy eyes were filled with frustration and disgust. She felt unbearably embarrassed by them.

Nonetheless, she attempted to escape, but she could not free herself from those clamp-like grips.

“Let go of me!” she howled as she struggled to free herself.

Everly did not want to be there!

She could not bear seeing that hypocrite’s face for a second more!

“Stop fooling around, Everly!” He ordered with a stern, cold voice.

Fooling around?

Her eyes reddened.

It seemed as though he took her as a fool all these years; what she had become, why she acted like this…was all ‘fooling around’.

All her suffering and pain was nothing but ‘fooling around’!

“Behave now! Go to the White’s and apologize to them tomorrow. We shall put the matter to rest!” he commanded sternly.

“No! It isn’t my fault! I didn’t escape prison! Let me go!” She struggled for her life. It felt as though her heart was ripped into pieces, like a pain that was crushing her. She spent four years in prison before returning to living a normal life, and it cost Bonnie’s life.

She was in prison for four years for nothing and he owed it to her!

She kicked and punched him as hard as she could but she was faced with the same fate—she was caged in his uncaring embrace and could not escape.

She bit his arm like a lunatic. This was a person she would lose anything to be with…But now, she was doing all that she could to escape from him.

“Show some respect, Everly!”

Carson was furious that she bit him. He knew that she was getting out of control, so he dragged her to the room and threw her on the bed. She bounced out of bed and re-attempted escape but was met with his strong arms locking around her neck.

“Consider yourself lucky that I’m bringing you to them for an apology! That’s my respect for you! Do you have any idea what the consequences of escaping prison are?! You killed Layla then escaped prison! You’d be dead if the White’s decided to bring you to court!” His eyes filled with blood veins, and they were horrifying.

She burst into tears, and her tears dripped from the corner of her eyes onto the pillowcase.

“Dead…” she chuckled. She lived as though she was dead in prison. She had also attempted suicide multiple times; a deep scar on her wrist was clearly visible. If it were not for what she owed Bonnie, she would have actually taken her own life.

However, they might not have much time to live anyway since Granny Preston was ill.

Hence, with tear-filled eyes, she said to him, “Just kill me already, then.”
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233 Chapters! You’re a thief! Your so called chapters are all of 2 pages long! The story is sooo drawn out... the story line would have been interesting if not soooo long drawn out! 233 chapters & the story isn’t even finished!

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