Chapter 41 The Anxious Look On His Face

He suddenly started his car again, made a huge drift. He turned around and drove to the dock.

When Carson’s car stopped at the dock, he instantly opened the door and got out.

Deep down in his heart, he wanted to look for her, but there was only a dim light left above the dock, a truck that had its shutters left open, and a ship swaying gently in the wind and waves.

He stood there like a lonely island. He did not know why he suddenly felt scared.

He had not been here since that day. On that day, he found that something seemed to have changed in his heart and something was about to break out. He had not dared to face it.

He thought for a long time. He decided to come to see her today, but he did not see her. Where had she gone?

Would she disappear from his world again? Just like she did the last time?


He called her name, but the only response he got was his own echoes over and over again.

There seemed to be no one here.

His lips were pursed into a straight line, and t
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