Chapter 45 Wild Kid

"Ding dong! Ding dong!"

Everly looked over subconsciously when the doorbell rang. The maid had already gone to open the door to greet the guests. Footsteps and laughing voices were heard in the next moment.

"Oh my, Oliver looks much better now! How terrific!"

"That's right, it's been such a long treatment, and Oliver's body is slowly getting better. The doctor said to keep this up, and he will be no different from an ordinary child when he gets older."

"Oliver is great!"

"Sigh… Oliver should have continued staying there for his treatment on such a chilly day outside. However, I heard that Carson was very sick, so I asked the doctor and brought Oliver here."

"Come on in quickly! It's warm inside, don't want Oliver to catch a cold!"

The door opened again. Everly watched as the servant brought in a child who was fully wrapped with thick clothing. Such a little human, he seemed to be only about three years old, looking amusingly spherical with so many layers of warm clothes on him.
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