Chapter 62 Granny Had Passed Away

"For him again!" His angry roar echoed throughout the entire yard. His eyes were red, and he could not distinguish what he was feeling now!

What she once refused to admit no matter what, even when she was in jail. She would rather jump from the first floor, to kneel down in front of him for eighty thousand dollars, for that man!

He had no idea what was so great about that man!

He wanted to open her head and see what the hell she was thinking!


"Don't call me brother!"

Everything around him seemed to explode into pieces.

He finally remembered since she had not called him brother.

It was the first time he had brought his girlfriend along, and at that time, she asked him, "Brother Carson, who is she?"

He answered that it was his girlfriend.

Her girlfriend greeted her with a smile, "Everly is such a cute girl. I've heard Carson mention you many times, and now I finally meet you in person today! I'm super fond of you too!"

What that woman looked like he had fo
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Rose Marie Cummings
Everly, don beg him anymore. Just call the police and go back to prison. At least you won't expect to be treated like a human in prison. Guess you didn't mean much to the Baxters after all.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose Marie Cummings
He treats her worse than a cockroach!!! He left her out in that kind of weather after so long..I guess she trash now so if she died out there it in wouldn't matter

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