Chapter 66 Stomach Cancer

"Sir? Sir!"

The butler who followed Carson behind finally caught up to him. However, no matter how he called out to Carson, he could not seem to hear him. At this very moment, Everly was the only one on his mind.

Time passed, and the hospital corridor was busy but seemed quiet at times.

Suddenly, the sound of doors opening was heard.

The entrance of the emergency room was opened, and a nurse hurried out.

"Nurse, she..." stammered Carson.

A high-pitched screaming sound of a certain medical instrument and machinery coming from the emergency room was audible in the background.

"The patient's condition is very bad. Please sign this," said the nurse as she handed Carson a document. 'Notice of Critical Illness' was written at the top. His heart skipped a beat as he read it.

The machines and instruments in the emergency room continued screaming in their high-pitched frequency. Carson saw Everly lying unconscious on the hospital bed through all the commotion. His hand shook as he hel
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