Chapter 73 The One Who Started It All

Carson's eyes were reddened. Her pleas to him in the morgue repeated over and over again in his mind. She said that it was their child! The baby was their child!

While she was pregnant, she kept waiting for him to take her back, to pick her and their child back home!

How much despair must she be when she slit her wrist with a broken toothbrush?

Carson no longer could not take it. He violently coughed a mouthful of blood.


"Mr. Baxter!"

Austin and Robbie yelled in unison. However, Carson only wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth and swept everyone there a glare with his reddened eyes.

His eyes were filled with murderous intent. It was cold and ruthless.

"M…Mr. Baxter, t…this really has nothing to do with me…" The person in charge was almost in tears. He said, "This is a women's prison. I could only enter today under special circumstances. Usually, a man like me could only guard the main entrance. I am not responsible for anything else! I only found out abo
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