Chapter 87 Mom Is Back

“I can’t let Oliver stay by his side.” This was the first thing she said in a long time.

In the year she received treatment in Strandia, she had her vocal cord repaired. Although it was impossible to heal it completely, she recovered around 70%.

She looked away and closed the car window. She said, “The Whites abused Oliver for a year, and then they pretended to send him back to his side. After learning the truth of everything, he didn’t punish the Whites. Until now, the Whites are still intact in Cannesville. I can’t accept it.”

“Everly, it’s not that Carson has not dealt with them. Layla has been sentenced to prison for life, and the Whites are not the same as before…”

Austin was halfway through speaking, but his eyes met hers in the rearview mirror. He reluctantly closed his mouth.

The Ashton Hardin continued to travel through the city. Everly clenched her fist tightly behind the car.

Layla had the support of the whole White family behind everything she did. Thus, Everly would
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