Chapter 149 Remember Your Place

"If you like it, you can have it." Oliver placed the drawing in his hands onto hers.

"Can I?" she asked with a voice filled with a pleasant surprise.

"Mm-hm," Oliver said, the sense of familiarity showed distinctly from his voice. "I didn’t prepare any gift, so I hope you like this. Also… Merry Christmas."

"Thank you!" She rubbed Oliver’s head endearingly. He did not move away and accepted her touch.

"Oliver, this is the best Christmas gift I’ve received so far!"

Carson pursed his lips and strode closer to the two as they interacted closely.

'Could it be her? Everly!' he thought.

"Everly…" He arrived by their side with a barely noticeable trembling voice.

"Dad," Oliver turned around and greeted.

However, Carson’s gaze was fixated on the woman beside him. He reached out, trying to touch her, when the woman turned around and showed her face.

Within an instant, all the excitement and uncontrollable emotions had vanished immediately. The drastic changes had overwhelmed him, and h
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