Chapter 178 Banking on the Wrong Person

Everly looked at Alice, then she looked at Tracey. Then, she laughed before looking at Alice once again.

"You want me to kneel?" Everly's tone was filled with sarcasm.

"Yes! I'm a generous person!" Alice had a condescending look.

Everly smiled and nodded.

Yes, how generous indeed!

Everly was too lazy to be bothered with Alice's arrogance. She reached her hand out and shoved Alice to the side before walking directly into her office.

Alice was smug because she initially thought that Violet would submit to her. She did not expect to be shoved, so she could not react in time. She almost fell to the ground. She immediately caught hold of herself and angrily went after Everly.


Before she could enter Everly's office, Annie shut the door, almost ruining her nose.

"You!" Alice was furious. She could not fail just like that, yet she had no other choice. Thus, she looked at Tracey.

Tracey immediately understood Alice and came over to knock on the door.

"Violet, come out! Do yo
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