Chapter 182 Someone I Once Knew

Everly darted out of the office and bumped into Alice, who had been waiting for her.

"Stay right there, Violet!" Alice blocked her way instantly and asked, "What have you been doing in there with Carson? Tell me!"

"Get out of my way!" Everly said. She was in no mood for Alice's nonsense.

"No way! You must tell me, or I'm not letting you go!" Alice insisted rudely, "I came prepared this time, don't even think about pushing me away!"

Everly was beginning to get a headache from Alice's yelling and scrawled. "Annie, keep her away from me."

"Yes!" Annie came over immediately.

Alice was also shouting out to Tracey, but Annie was too strong for her. Everly took the opportunity to hurry inside the elevator and pressed the floor button.

She closed her eyes at the weightless feeling as the elevator went up the floors.

It was not important that Carson found out about her true identity; neither was his attitude towards her. All she needed to know and aim for was to obtain Oliver's custody
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