Chapter 204 A Gentle Hug

On the other side, Oliver stepped into Violet's studio with a frown and saw Annie walking out just as he was about to knock.

Annie beamed at the sight of Oliver and squatted down with a smile. "Are you here looking for Violet, Oliver?"

Oliver nodded and stopped Annie before she could call Everly over. "There's no need to call…Aunt Violet yet, I want to look around first."

Annie noted. "You want to see how Aunt Violet works, Oliver?"

"Yeah." He nodded and took out a gift box to pass to Annie. "This is a gift for you, Aunt Annie."

Surprise filled Annie's eyes, and she immediately accepted it. "Thank you so much, Oliver!"

Oliver's lips curled slightly. It was a gift he had Robbie prepared, but it was because he heard from Robbie that Annie was the one who had stuck by his mother's side to take care of her, so Oliver was grateful towards Annie.

"You're welcome." Oliver looked at Annie. "Aunt Annie, can you take me to Aunt Violet? I have something for her."

"Sure!" Annie said and le
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