Chapter 251 At the Brinks of Tears

"I haven't even gotten to the bottom of this yet. There's nothing I can do. Give me some time to investigate," Lisa said impatiently.

"Lisa Whites! You-"

"Shouting at me won't help. I told you, I need to find out what happened. Do you understand?" Lisa rubbed her temple and said, "That will be all. Bye."

With that, she ignored Alice's frustration and ended the call directly.

"Violet…" Lisa stared at the news about Carson and Oliver on the internet and murmured, "What secrets are you hiding?"

In the end, she picked up her phone to find a number before making a call.

Meanwhile, in Baxter Group, Alice was losing her mind.

"How dare she hang up on me? Ah!" Alice was absolutely livid and threw her phone to the side, causing it to break.

"Don't get angry, Miss Davidson. She made sense. We can't act recklessly, Miss-" Tracey wanted to calm her down, but Alice was no longer listening and trotted over to Violet's studio in her heels.

In Violet's studio.

Baam, baam, baam!

Alice ban
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