Chapter 260 Couple-Wear

He had prepared countless dinners and had taken Oliver to her place for dinner multiple times. He would always bring food over and offer to prepare the ingredients.

The original Hello Kitty apron had been thrown away by John, so Carson bought another two with Hello Kitty patterns on them. When Oliver asked why he was getting two, Carson simply cast him a look.

After that, Oliver told Everly in secret, "Dad bought a set of couple-wear aprons. However, the apron doesn't come in my size, I don't get one… Dad only wants to be dressed in couple-wear with you and ignores me. He's so bad!"

Soon after, Carson had a few sets of family wear custom-made for all three of them. Oliver was thrilled and kept pushing for Everly to wear them.

Everly could not possibly refuse, despite knowing that this was Carson's scheme.

"Miss Violet, Mister Baxter wants me to ask if you can make time for him after work today." Robbie's voice pulled Everly's mind back to the present.

"Is there something he needs
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