Chapter 269 Why Don't They Fight

"Uncle Robbie, I think it's best that we don't open the door," Oliver deadpanned, looking ever so adorable with his chubby little face.

"Why?" Intrigued, Robbie asked.

"First of all, the surprise tonight was meant for dad and mom. You and I are both just assisting it. When we realized that they had disappeared and came to check on the surveillance cameras, we found them locked inside the meeting room arguing, but instead of opening the door to stop them, we stayed here watching the show!" Oliver looked up and stared at Robbie. "Say, I will be fine when mom finds out about this, but you won't be, Uncle Robbie. Besides, mom would then doubt dad's intention, and such a great thing would turn sour!"

Robbie thought that Oliver made perfect sense. However…

He gave Oliver an odd look and said, "But you were the one who said to keep them locked inside and not to open the door."

Oliver lowered his head guiltily. "I'm doing this for their own goods. They haven't been able to make much progr
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