Chapter 283 Every Word She Said, He Was There

Annie changed the subject and started explaining in Austin's place. "Everly, after you were taken away, I ran into Robbie. I wanted to follow him, but he was probably in too much of a hurry and forgot to take me with him. Luckily, I met Mister Samberg on the way. I told him about what happened and we came over together."

Everly did not turn around and simply listened to her silently. Austin, who was driving in front, remained silent as well, and the car fell into a deadly silence.

Annie started sweating. She had to continue talking since she had started the topic, or the atmosphere would only become heavier.

"On our way here, I found out that Mister Samberg completed all his business in Strandia and headed back into the country ahead of time. He has just arrived here today and came directly to the office looking for you. Who knew he would run into this sort of thing happening, hahaha…" she continued.

She laughed awkwardly.

"You don't have to refrain. Just speak your mind," Everly
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