Chapter 307 First Day After the Holidays

On the other end, Lisa was in the backseat of Alice's car, and the two were on their way to Baxter Group.

Tracey was driving, and Alice seemed nervous.

"Lisa, do you swear that everything we are going to do today is for my own sake?" Alice stared at Lisa and confirmed once again.

Lisa smiled and looked at Alice. "Of course not. A part of this plan is for your benefit, but mostly I'm doing this for myself."

She paused for a moment before continuing sarcastically, "Alice, you can't possibly think that we are friends simply because of our recent cooperation, can you?"

Alice felt slightly relieved after hearing what Lisa had to say. After all, she would have been more worried if Lisa had told her that she was doing it all for Alice's sake.

"Good." Alice said as she glanced at the thing in Lisa's hand, "Will this really work?"

"Of course, Violet isn't Everly, so we are definitely going to succeed this time. Do not mess up later. This is the best chance we have to bring Violet down.
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