Chapter 346 You Can Hide, but You Can’t Hide Forever

Alice paused for a moment and said, "No thanks, Aunt Baxter. Now that I know that Violet is Everly… I don't think I want to do this anymore."

"Don't worry, Alice. Neither Violet nor Everly is my favorite daughter-in-law. Carson is weak and injured now, and I've chased Everly away. This is a perfect chance for you! When Carson sees you the moment he wakes up, he must…"

"Aunt Baxter," Alice interrupted before Angelica could finish.

"I no longer have the confidence, and… I don't want to be the third wheel and meddle with other people's feelings."


"Aunt Baxter, I gotta go. Talk to you soon." Alice did not even give Angelica the chance to speak and hung up the phone.

The whole room was silent, except for the sound of raindrops hitting incessantly on the window.

Alice held her phone tightly as she locked herself in the room.

She had intervened in other people's relationships in the past. For Carson, Alice would do anything to be with him. She did not care that she carried
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