Chapter 360 Who Does Violet Think She Is

"What are you doing, Mister Davidson? How can Mister Baxter understand you if you don't clarify your intentions?" Robbie kept a certain distance and attempted to ease the tension.

"Stop playing games with me!" Richard roared, "Carson Baxter, if you like Violet, why flirt with my sister Lissy? Don't you know that she's in love with you?"

"You can't say that, Mister Davidson. Mister Baxter had rejected Miss Davidson long ago, and it was her that told Mister Baxter that she would treat him as a friend. Mister Baxter did not keep a distance from her simply because Miss Davidson once saved Oliver. You can't possibly blame Mister Baxter for this!"

Carson never gave Alice any hope to begin with because everyone knew that Carson only loved Everly. The hope they spoke of was nothing but pure imagination generated by Alice's foolish mind.

"Bullshit!" Furious, Richard took a few long strides forward towards Carson's wheelchair before grabbing the handle and turning him around by force. He sta
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Sybil Althea
Is Carson dumb? Why is Robbie taking for him all the time? What a wimp of a man. These writers are not consistent, in the beginning Carson was this powerful figure, now he comes off an a spineless idiot who can’t even control women who works at his company. All the stuff Alive did doesn’t make sense

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