Chapter 372 A Thin Layer of Dust

The two headed inside as they spoke.

It was office hour and the lobby in Baxter Group was packed with people. When Everly went in and stepped into the lobby, everyone went quiet.

They pretended like they had not seen her, but Everly knew that all eyes were on her.

"It's fine, it doesn't matter anyways…" she thought.

Once the two went into the elevator, the silence was instantly replaced by deafening sounds when the crowd erupted into a discussion.

With what happened in the president's office before being streamed on the live feed, this was the first time Violet appeared before everyone in the past week. On top of that, not only was she not alone or with her assistant, she came with Austin. This was incredibly shocking news.

Amongst those people, one person snuck to the side to take out his phone before dialing a number and said, "Yes, that's it. Violet is here, and she's here with Austin Samberg… Yes, I know… Don't worry…"

Everly and Austin took the elevator and reached the f
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