Chapter 412 Do It Now

She didn't have as many means as Carson. She couldn't stop the rioting people from rushing in. Now these people had kept her and Annie in the office. She couldn't do anything but make a bet.

She bet on whether the police would come first or these men would break in first.


"Everly!" It was another collision. The people outside seemed to unite and smash the door together. Annie panicked even more, clutching the stick with both hands and saying, "Everly, what are we going to do?"

"Annie!" Everly pulled Annie and stepped back with her, and they came to the side of a cabinet.


Everly pulled the cabinet door open. And she was going to push Annie in.

"Everly, what are you doing?" Annie asked eagerly.

"You get in first." Everly pushed and said.

"Their target is me, not you. When they blocked the back door earlier, they just wanted to block me. That's why the other employees were not stopped when they went out the back door. So you're hiding into it now. If they break
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