Chapter 414 Broke Into Violet's Studio

"If you don't blurt the nonsense, why the hell would I hit you?" The man yelled, "And now you're arguing with me! Everyone here is asking for money! What are you talking about, you traitor? You asked for it yourself!"

"I was just asking for money in another way and you hit me! What do you want?"

Somehow, the two suddenly got into a fight. In no minutes, it turned into a fight between two groups of people.

Those who were trying to break into Violet's studio together earlier suddenly fought against each other. In the office, Everly and Annie were both dumbfounded.

Annie's eyes widened and she asked, "Everly, what's wrong with them?"

"I don't know." Everly remained alert. She felt the situation was bizarre.

"Don't care about them. It's a good thing they got into a fight against each other. There's surveillance all over the building. When the police go to the security office to check the surveillance, they will see that they started the fight themselves. It has no
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