Chapter 431 How Poor We are!

"Yes." Carson nodded, staring at the rice cooker.

Emma didn't know what had happened. Wearing an apron, she walked into the kitchen with a smile and said, "Oliver, what do you want to eat? I've bought many ingredients. I'll cook for you."

Oliver and Carson kept silent for a moment, glancing at each other.

Carson suddenly called Emma.

"Yes, Mr. Baxter?" Emma smilingly answered.

"You've been working for a long time. I'll give you a vacation with pay. Have a good rest," Carson said.

"Really?" Emma was instantly delighted.

"Yes, and you'll receive triple pay during the vacation. Just enjoy yourself with your family," Carson replied seriously.

Hearing this, Emma almost jumped with joy. She would have a vacation with triple pay!

"Thank you so much, Mr. Baxter," Emma said and immediately thought of another thing. "But what about Oliver? A new nanny may not be able to take good care of him."

"Don't worry. I'll settle the matter later," Carson answered calmly.

"Okay." Emma was reliev
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