Chapter 433 Oliver Liked Everly's Cooking

Everly stroked Oliver's head and said, "Go wash your hands and let's eat."

Then she paused for a second and glanced at Carson, to whom she beckoned, "Come on."

Carson nodded his head and followed her in silence into the bathroom.

After Carson helped Oliver wash his hands, the three sat at the table. Oliver looked at Everly and then at Carson, and then the little boy exclaimed, "Wow! So much delicious food!", which broke the silence and awkwardness in the dining room.

Then, with Everly's smile as permission, the little boy started eating with his knife and fork. As he ate, he mumbled, "Yum!"

Carson, who was sitting beside Oliver, ate his food slowly and quietly. He looked exactly the opposite of his son.

"Aunt Violet, it's so good that we have you today. Otherwise, I'd be starving." Oliver blurted while eating his food, "Emma went on vacation. Only Daddy and I are home these days. If I have to eat Daddy's cooking every day, I'll lose a lot of weight!"

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