Chapter 448 One After Another

As soon as Everly and Annie came back to the company, they saw someone waiting outside the office.

Everly and Annie exchanged looks before hesitantly walking over to that person.

"Violet," the other party respectfully called out but put away something in his hand. Everly didn't notice it. After greeting Everly, the man glanced at Annie. His implication was clear. He didn't want Annie to hear their conversation.

Everly took the hint, nodded, and said to Annie, "Go and prepare for the rest. I'll talk to him."

Annie opened her mouth, eventually closed it, nodded her head, and said, "Okay."

She had a premonition, but there was no better way.

Everly watched Annie leave, turned to look at Timothy, and said, "Alright, let's talk in my office."

With that, she glanced at the object in Timothy's hand.

She hoped that it was not what she had thought.

As they were going into the office, Everly subconsciously ran her eyes over the employees who seemed to be absorbed in their work, but
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