Chapter 450 Still Feeling Upset

Violet's Studio.

Everly had walked out.

Three people had visited her office in the past few minutes, each holding a letter of resignation, and all those letters looked almost the same as Timothy's, so Everly could tell that they had probably had the whole thing planned out.

Therefore, she might as well come out of the office.

An employee was just about to knock at her office door when she walked out. He immediately saw her and stiffened, his face very awkward.

Moreover, the instant she showed up, those talking animatedly fell silent all at once.

Everly realized that they had been talking about her a moment ago.

"Violet…" The employee in the doorway embarrassedly scratched his head and said, "I happen to have something to talk to you about…"

"Okay." Everly cast a look at him and couldn't help but notice the envelope he was holding in his hand, which was almost identical to those that Timothy and the others had shown her.

She caught on.

She glanced around the studio and found t
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