Chapter 462 Her Heart Missed a Beat

The shopkeeper felt embarrassed. He looked at Oliver and replied, "What? I couldn’t do that. Don’t talk nonsense."

Oliver pouted and didn’t say anything. Carson patted his head and then looked at the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper already understood his meaning.

So then he handed three sets of clothes to Everly and Carson, "You can rinse over there."

"Thank you." Everly nodded, then they went there together.

After lifting the curtain of the outdoor shower, Carson and Oliver both frowned slightly and looked at her at the same time.

Everly was a little confused, so she asked, "What’s wrong?"

"You can change the clothes in the car." Carson opened his mouth.

Oliver nodded and explained, "Right, Aunt Violet. This place has some leaks. It’s okay for me and dad, but it's not okay for you, and there’s no mud on you. It's just me falling into the mud puddle."

Everly looked at him and then at Oliver, understanding what they meant.

She nodded and pinched Oliver's face with a smile, "Okay,
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