Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Scarlett hesitated for a while. "Yeah."

Though she felt it inappropriate to deceive people, if this person was Raymond, it was another matter.

Raymond suddenly said, "Then I'll send it to you."

After speaking, Raymond's face became stiff, as he felt that he behaved as if he was deliberately pleasing her. To ease his mind, he added, "Just treat it as compensation for the divorce."


Scarlett hardened her face. "No need."

She took out the car key from her bag and unlocked the car.

The red Ferrari was very eye-catching. With a “beep", everyone around them subconsciously looked over.

Scarlett got into the car directly, closed the door and backed the car out of the parking space to leave.

Alexander came out after completing the formalities. When he saw Raymond fixedly watching the Ferrari's rear end, he raised his eyebrows. "Is it really Scarlett?"

Raymond heard his voice and shot him a cold glance. "Have you finished all the formalities?"

"Yeah. Mr. Shaw, I’ll se
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