Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Frank looked at Raymond's cold face and finally didn't dare ask.

Raymond suddenly came to talk to Justin about cooperation. If what Raymond did weren't for Scarlett, Frank said he would act standing on his head and washing his hair on the spot.

"Is Justin very excellent?"

Frank was thinking about the gossip he'd heard about Scarlett and Justin when Raymond asked.

Frank froze and looked up at Raymond's cold face. Frank curved his lips and said, "Yes, Mr. Lynch is excellent. But of course, you are more excellent than him."

Raymond snorted, "You are a sycophant."

Frank, "..."

He was flattering Raymond, but he was telling the truth.

'Justin is excellent, but Raymond is much better.'

'Everyone thinks that what makes Raymond excellent is that he comes from a good family, not his personal efforts.'

'They're talking nonsense. Is Raymond the only one who comes from a good family?'

'How many people can develop the family business so well like Raymond?'

'It's always been e
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Gayle Cunningham
Raymond needs about 10 slaps

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