Chapter 138

Chapter 138


Scarlett raised her eyebrows and said softly, "Raymond, you should ask yourself instead of me. I remember I seemed to have asked you this question back then as well."

When she had just married him, he moved out of the Shaw Residence and lived in his own apartment. At that time, she had asked him that question just like he did.


What did he say to her?

He said, "Scarlett, are you worthy?"

Tsk. She still remembered it after all these years.

Scarlett got rid of his hand, "Raymond, are you worthy?"

After saying that, she turned around and left.

This time, Raymond didn't pull her back.

Scarlett wore a pair of long boots. The five-centimeter heels rattled on the ground. Her long hair fell over her shoulders.

After many years she could finally retort him with the same words. She felt so good!

Raymond stood there, and his face was dark and stern like a dark cloud in the sky.

Frank looked at him and thought that his boss was horrible and a bit pitiful.

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