Chapter 173

Chapter 173

Then Scarlett took a glass of juice and walked to the side.

The monitor came over. "Scarlett, don't be angry with Avah. It's just how she is, never thinking before speaking."

Scarlett smiled. "Yeah, no one has changed."

Then she added, "It's a coincidence that I haven't changed, either."

Looking at Scarlett's charming eyes, the monitor’s heart was jumping inexplicably.

‘Oh my God! How can Scarlett be so beautiful and sexy?’

Scarlett lowered her head and took a sip of juice. At this time, Avah, who said that Scarlett was an abandoned woman just now, suddenly screamed. Then she pushed Florinia away. "It’s impossible! Impossible!"

Florinia yelled, "Avah—"

But Avah stumbled out of the room. Seeing this, Scarlett hooked her lips slightly.

Since the classmates didn’t change, Scarlett needn’t tolerate those who still wanted to bully her.

She didn't have to be merciful when those female classmates intended to do something bad to her.

"You did it, right?"

Scarlett just
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