Chapter 219

Chapter 219

Scarlett watched Raymond getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror of her car, tension draining from her face gradually.

Since he liked to trouble her by asking her to send him, she satisfied his demand.

The suburb was fifteen kilometers from downtown, and Raymond's cell phone was taken away by her. It took her twenty minutes to take him here. Therefore, if he wanted to go back from the suburbs tonight, he had to walk for three or four hours.

After returning downtown, Scarlett went straight to the police station with Raymond's cell phone.

At 8 pm, the police officer on duty was stunned when he saw Scarlett. "Miss, are you coming to report a crime?"

Scarlett smiled and took out Raymond's cell phone. "No. I found a cell phone on a road."

The policeman took a look at the phone Scarlett was holding. It was not a common cell phone model, and it looked expensive.

"Oh, I see. Please keep a record."

Scarlett raised her eyebrows and followed the policeman to keep a
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