Chapter 223

Chapter 223

Scarlett had just opened the second novel when the phone beside her suddenly rang.

She glanced at the screen and found that it was a call from the police station.

Scarlett raised her eyebrows slightly and answered the phone, "Hello, this is Scarlett."

"Hello, Ms. Reed. This is the police station in Wakiza District. Do you remember you found a cell phone and handed it over to us last night?"


She responded casually, waiting for her police to continue.

"Well, the thing is, the owner of the phone is now here to claim the phone. He said the phone is valuable and there is a lot of important information in it. The owner wants to thank you in person. Ms. Reed, is it convenient for you to come to the police station now?"

Scarlett smiled and replied, "Sorry, I am busy now. No need to thank me."

After saying that, Scarlett hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, in the police station...

"Mr. Shaw, Ms. Reed cannot come over now. She said no need to thank her. Raymond glanced do
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