Chapter 235

Chapter 235

When Scarlett just came to the lobby of the police station, she saw Dwayne, who had left for half an hour just now and had already returned.

"Ms. Reed. Secretary Lawrence."

Scarlett nodded and smiled at Dwayne, "Thank you, Dwayne."

"You're welcome."

Scarlett glanced at Katherine, and then Katherine followed her out and said, "Ms. Reed."

"Go ahead."

They stood in the cloister. It was after nine o'clock. A few cars passed them on the road from time to time, but there were almost no pedestrians. They were not afraid of being overheard by others.

Seven hours had passed. Katherine must have found out who messed with Scarlett.

Katherine looked at Scarlett and said, "It's Julie. During the Hometown Day, Mr. Shaw was in Chatbury City. Julie asked someone to investigate you. After finding out something about you and your grandmother, she purposely sent someone to tell Kyleigh that you are doing well here. Rocco happened to gamble during this period and borrowed 50,000 dolla
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