Chapter 242

Chapter 242

Scarlett glanced at her car. "My car is right over there."

Raymond knew it. He just wanted her to talk with him in his car, but Scarlett seemed to want to find a place to talk.

This was a surprise. Raymond looked at her. "Where to?"

"My home. Do you mind?"

She had a video conference in the afternoon, so she was afraid that she would miss it if she stayed outside.

Of course, she didn't care what Raymond thought.

Raymond's heart beat faster as he heard this, but he pretended to be calm. "Okay."

"Then let's go."

Scarlett closed the car door and walked to her car.

Twenty minutes later, the two cars stopped in front of the villa.

The gate opened slowly. Scarlett glanced at the rearview mirror.

After the gate opened, she withdrew her eyes and steered the car into the garage.

Raymond tactfully parked the car at the gate rather than driving in.

Scarlett came out of the garage. Seeing Raymond standing at the door on the second floor, she went to the shoe cabinet, got a
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