Chapter 293

Chapter 293

Alexander looked at the villa doors resignedly. The villa doors were closed tightly. The front doors inside were also closed tightly. Scarlett had walked in. Alexander and the breakfast were blocked out by her cruelly.

Then he looked at Raymond who looked better than yesterday. Alexander said, "How are you?"

To be honest, Alexander wasn't sure if Scarlett would take care of Raymond after he hung up. If she had been so heartless, Raymond would have been an airhead because of the fever of 39.6℃.

Raymond pushed Alexander's hand disgustedly, opened the car door and got into the car. Raymond said, "Drive me to my apartment."

Alexander fell into a trance and said with a smile, "OK. I'm your driver today!"

He got into the car. After he got the car started, he thought of the breakfast and said, "You haven't eaten breakfast, right? Eat some."

Raymond had just eaten some porridge since yesterday afternoon, so he had a stomachache in the morning.

The breakfast of the Pear Rest
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