Chapter 315

Chapter 315

After thinking for a while, Scarlett thought that Alexis's words were reasonable.

Except money, there was nothing that she had could attract Clair.

So, the reason why Clair wanted to be Scarlett’s godfather could only be that he liked her personality.

But Scarlett didn’t agree at once, as it was not a casual thing.

After eating the porridge, Scarlett took a shower and went to sleep.

Though it was cloudy and rainy outside, it was appropriate to sleep on such a day.

After returning home, Scarlett felt relaxed, so she slept very soundly.

But at this moment, Raymond was not relaxed and happy. He had not been back to the Shaw Residence for half a year. Knowing that he would come home, Jean especially said goodbye to her friends and got home early, as she planned to ask Raymond to find a job for Thomas in Tenton.

However, Raymond came home not to heal the breach between him and Jean.

As soon as Jean went upstairs, she found that it was very quiet. Tiffany and Thomas ea
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