Chapter 397

Chapter 397

Maybe Raymond was sleepy. He fell asleep in just a few minutes.

Scarlet was trying to pull out her hand, which was held in Raymond’s hand. However, he held it tighter than before when she moved slightly.

The sun shone brightly through the window.

Raymond behaved himself when he was sleeping. He said he would just hold her hand. He meant what he said.

Scarlet looked down at his face and his closed eyes. She found while he slept, he was not aloof and looked much more approachable.

A gust of cold wind sprang up, lifting his collar. Scarlet raised her hand and put the light blanket over him.

She went to bed early last night and didn’t want to take a nap now. However, Raymond held her hand and she could only stay there to accompany him.

After sitting for a while, she was getting drowsy.

However, the loud rings of the doorbell woke her up before she fell asleep.

Scarlet frowned and looked at Raymond, who had just opened his eyes and stared at her.

She took the
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