Chapter 401

Chapter 401

After the call, Alexander didn't want to play in the pub all night. He signed, asked a designated driver to take him home, and went to sleep.

It was not good to drink at this hour. He'd better go to bed now and play golf with Raymond tomorrow.

Alexander thought he could invite Scarlett tomorrow to create an opportunity for Raymond!

Ah, he was so smart!

Alexander felt that he shouldered the burden of helping Raymond pursue his love. He woke up early the next morning and asked his friends to go golfing with him.

Of course, the most important person was Scarlett!

Saturday was a good time to sleep. However, Scarlett was woken up by the call before eight o'clock. She was annoyed. Seeing the strange caller ID, she directly dismissed the call.

Yet that guy called her again after she dismissed two calls.

Scarlett's sleepiness was gone. She answered the phone with no expression. "Hello, this is Scarlett."

"Scarlett, it's me, Alexander!"

Oh, so it was this fool.

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