Chapter 425

Chapter 425

Scarlett heard the old man’s words, and she was touched. But she didn't want to mention Jessie again because, in any case, it was Jessie who accompanied her grandfather and Viviana before she came back to the family.

Scarlett would have taken her sarcasm as a joke if Jessie hadn't intended to set her up. She was indifferent to it.

"Grandpa, let's play chess!"

"Yes! Don't let me win on purpose!"

Scarlett glanced at Viviana, "Viviana, I'm playing chess with grandpa!"

"Go ahead! Your grandpa doesn't have many hobbies. He just loves to play chess, but I'm not very good at it. I'm a lousy chess player."

"But you're the best buyer in shopping!" Scarlett joked. She then followed the old man to the study to play chess.

Scarlett didn't lose on purpose this time. In the end, she won narrowly by one draw.

Although the old man lost, he was happy. "My granddaughter is a genius! Haha!"

Scarlett poured a cup of tea for the old man, "Grand
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