Chapter 431

Chapter 431

Scarlett struggled but couldn't break away from him. "Raymond, let go of me."

"I can't."

After drinking wine, he was even more unashamed than usual.

Scarlett gave a wry smile. "Don't you want to know why I suddenly went to Deeton City?"

Hearing this, Raymond got up.

Scarlett sat up on the sofa with a red face, glaring at him. She got up, went into the kitchen to make a glass of honey water, and put it in front of him. "Drink it."

He didn't ask anything, picked it up, and drained it.

Raymond felt honey water was tasty for the first time, probably because it was made by Scarlett.

After drinking, he stared fixedly at Scarlett.

Scarlett grunted, took out the anonymous letter from her bag, and handed it to him. "Read it yourself."

Raymond opened the envelope with a frown. After he read the letter, his eyes turned cold. "I'll find out who did it."

"I've investigated."

Katherine told Scarlett yesterday that it was Yvonne who did it. Besides, Yvonne asked someone to po
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