Chapter 482

Chapter 482

But the two of them both pretended not to know each other and made each other's acquaintance once again with Jepson as their introducer.

Scarlett, sitting on the side and watching, smiled and picked up the teapot from the table. "Mr. Wooden, would you please give this a try and see if my tea-making skill has improved?"

After hearing her words, Vernon next to them had no choice but to withdraw his hand.

Jepson glanced at Scarlett. "Sure, sure! It's been four or five years since your graduation, but you guys never came back to see me or my old buddies until this day. Merely sending us gifts hasn't done any good."

Jepson feigned displeasure, but he had a beaming smile on his face. He shifted his gaze to Raymond. "Mr. Shaw, that's no way to treat your principal or teacher. Am I right?"

Raymond swiveled his head aside to glance at Scarlett who was filtering tea leaves beside him. The look in his dark eyes flickered as he replied, "I think Scarlett has missed you guys, or s
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