Chapter 514

Chapter 514

“Eight months later, the film Alexis starred in turned out to be a dark horse, emerging from crowded blockbusters and earning $1.4 billion at the box office. And I was the biggest investor. I became the biggest winner. I got $300 million with a $3 million investment."

With so much money in her account, Scarlett found it boring to keep the money in the bank earning interest, so she founded Mornet Corporation that year, and she invested in several companies that year as well. A few years later, all the companies Scarlett invested in went public. In just a few years, Mornet Corporation grew rapidly.

In her senior year in college, one of Scarlett's friends, who also was Alexis' boyfriend, Justin, had his business project suspended by the college. Justin's project was about to produce a product. He was reluctant to give it up. He went around for investment, but no one gave him any.

Scarlett believed in Justin and, given their friendship ov
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hui mian tan
I think you are dragging too long about their courtship. Doesn't seem romantic at all. It's getting bored. With all the repeated remark how beautiful she is. it's not necessary. Oh! also everytime when they got passionate while kissing....the hp always rang. Sounds hilarious

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