Chapter 523

Chapter 523

Katherine found out that Scarlett was missing at about two o'clock. Scarlett had a meeting at 3 pm, but she hadn't returned to Mornet Corporation at 2:30, which was very unusual.

Katherine called Scarlett. The call went through, but no one picked up.

Katherine made several phone calls and no one answered, so she guessed that something had happened to Scarlett.

After being Scarlett's secretary for so many years, Katherine knew that this was a serious problem, but she calmed down quickly and immediately contacted Raymond.

No one knew what happened to Scarlett. If she was taken away by the badass, it was not clear that his/her purpose was for money or sex. Besides, Scarlett was an adult and had only been out of contact for over two hours. If she called the police, the police might not accept it. Calling the police may put Scarlett in a bad situation.

After weighing the pros and cons, Katherine decided to contact Raymond.

Of course, she could investigate on her own, but
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