Chapter 527

Chapter 527

Scarlett kicked one of the bodyguards on the ground and said, "Ask Ms. Woods to come down. Tell her that an honored guest has arrived."

Then Scarlett looked at Raymond and said, "Let's wait for her in the living room. Ms. Woods is pregnant. She will be slow."

Raymond saw the smile in Scarlett's eyes. He also said with a smile, "OK."

They went to the living room. Scarlett sat down and asked them to pour coffee for them.

Scarlett took a sip of the coffee and thought of something suddenly. She said, "By the way, can you contact Samir's wife? If you can, call Samir's wife to come here."

'Julie "reminds" me that Samir's wife is possessive and jealous.'

'Now that Julie is so nice, I would like to help her in return. I will help Julie to expose the affair between Samir and his real mistress to Samir’s wife.'

Although Raymond didn't know why Scarlett wanted to invite Molly Ellison, he still asked Frank to invite her to come here.

After Julie was pregnant and moved to the v
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