Chapter 529

Chapter 529

After Samir said so, Julie's face turned pallor immediately.

She looked up at Scarlett who sat on the couch. Her heart was stinging from the smile on Scarlett's face.

However, the expression in Samir's eyes forced Julie to apologize. If she didn't kneel and apologize to Scarlett today, Samir wouldn't let Julie off after Scarlett left.

Scarlett saw the scene and said, "It seems that Ms. Woods is reluctant to apologize. Forget it."

The smile disappeared on Scarlett's face gradually. She said, "Mr. Livesey, it seems that I will remember what I have experienced today forever."

Samir thundered, "Julie!"

Julie trembled with fright. She gritted her teeth and knelt in front of Scarlett. Then she poured a cup of coffee and handed it to Scarlett. Julie said, "Ms. Reed, it's all my fault. I'm sorry that I have offended you."

Scarlett took the cup of coffee and splashed it on Julie's face. Scarlett said, "Ms. Woods, please drink the cup of coffee for me."

Julie said, "Scarlett
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