Chapter 532

Chapter 532

"I'm sure you're not hurt physically or mentally. I won't disturb you and Raymond anymore. Goodbye."

Scarlett was a bit embarrassed. Just as she put down the phone, she saw Raymond looking at her.

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. "Is there anything on my face?"


Raymond answered, picking up the watch she took off. "Was it Justin who installed the SOS software on your phone?"

"Yes. Do you want to install it too?"

"Can I be your emergency contact?"

Scarlett smiled at him. "Then you have to ask Justin."


He would have Frank ask Justin tomorrow.

Seeing that he was so serious, Scarlett stopped smiling, walked over, and embraced him. "It won't happen again, Raymond."

Raymond grunted.

"I'll ask Justin to add your name tomorrow."


He held her hands, gazing down at her. His eyes turned warm.

Scarlett had just come out of the bathroom when she saw her phone stuffed with messages from Alexis.

Alexis was well informed. She quickly knew that Julie had an a
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