Chapter 537

Chapter 537

Alexis hung up the phone. The more she thought about it, the more jealous she was. She posted a tweet, "Ah! The heroine turns out to be my bestie! I'm so envious!"

Since Alexis' secret Twitter account was exposed, Alexis' fans all knew that she was Scarlett's bestie and number-one fan.

Alexis had been in showbiz for so many years. Her fans knew that her social life was very simple and that she didn't have real friends in her circle. After all, Alexis' public persona was cold and proud. Therefore, the only one who was good enough to be Alexis' bestie was Scarlett.

As soon as Alexis tweeted, almost everyone knew that the heroine of the incident was Scarlett. The hero was also found out soon.

As Raymond's secretary, Frank immediately noticed the news.

Frank was unsure how this matter would unfold. He hesitated for a while before calling Raymond. Frank tentatively asked, "Mr. Shaw, the news about you and Ms. Reed has been posted on the Internet. Do you need me to do somet
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