Chapter 559

Chapter 559

The lipstick she used today was retro red, which was deep and not gaudy. The lip print was on Raymond's neck, so the collar could not hide it.

"Don't wipe it."

Raymond glanced down and said, "Okay."

Scarlett took another look at it. "Let's go."

Anyway, it wasn't she who would feel embarrassed.

But after walking to the garage and thinking about it, Scarlett felt it inappropriate to let Raymond come to the company, with such a print on his neck.

Scarlett fastened her seat belt, with her eyes on the red lip print on Raymond's neck. "Raymond, come here."

"What's up?"

Seeing his deep black eyes, Scarlett felt slightly embarrassed. "Wipe the print off."

"Didn't you ask me not to wipe it?"

He looked at her with a smile.

Lowering her head, Scarlett did not answer him. She took out a wet tissue from her bag and put it on the lipstick mark.

She didn't wipe it off at first. Scarlett looked up at him and explained, "It's dry, so it's not easy to wipe. I'll exert some force
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