Chapter 561

Chapter 561

From Scarlett’s words, Rowan knew that she didn’t want to talk with him about Raymond, or rather that she still intended to be with Raymond.

Rowan came to see Scarlett this time. Since Scarlett didn't want to talk about Raymond, Rowan changed the topic.

Sccarlett and he had not seen each other for a long time, so they had a lot to talk.

They chatted in the restaurant for nearly two hours. When Rowan found that two hours had passed, he said, "It's two o'clock. You have to work, right? I won't disturb you. Go back to work."

Scarlett looked at Rowan, smiling. "I'm not busy these days, really. The scenery of Juanton City is beautiful. My friend has a cruise ship. How about going to the sea tomorrow?"

Deeton City was not near the sea, so Rowan had never been to the sea in his life. Hearing Scarlett's words, he felt somewhat interested. But he was afraid of affecting Scarlett's work, so he declined. "It’s okay that I visit some parks and museums in Juanton City. You need to
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